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Why Say YES?

YES YourEventSource delivers all the local-based services you need for unforgettable Corporate Programs or Special Events. There are infinite ways for a planner to procure each of these services. The value of using YES YourEventSource is in our people, their experience and their approach. YES listens first. We then use our wealth of local relationships to craft the best solutions to provide the ultimate event to exceed your needs and expectations.

YES YourEventSource delivers your vision with our expertise.

Event Décor | Design

The YES creative team has a proven track record of crafting unique, unforgettable experiences that thrill and mesmerize attendees. From the most intimate networking lounge, to a sumptuous gala or a final-night party with 10,000 of your closest friends, YES are the experts at designing and flawlessly executing anything you can dream up. From the freshest tablescapes and the hottest entertainment, to the latest in production technology, we provide the most trend-setting event creative.

Collaborate with YES and let’s create and experience not just an event!

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Dining | Dine Arounds

There are so many unique dining options in the city and surrounding areas! Let YES secure the one or ones that best meets your needs. Proximity to the hotel, private dining rooms, loud or quaint atmosphere, food type, value, flexibility, consistency and partnerships are all things that are considered to make your evening a success.  From Private Dining, Buy-outs, Street Parties or Dine Arounds your guests will be stuffed with local culture and cuisine.


Local Attractions | Tours

With a huge variety of  local tours & attractions to choose from on the Island, YES, we collaborate with local partners to consider every aspect of the outing: transportation, refreshments, guides, and more. Whether you select one or offer many options for your attendees, YES will organize the perfect excursion.

Let your guests explore and experience the Island with YES at the helm!

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Team Engagement

Taking Team Building to a whole new level! There will always be a need for training in this area, but TEAM ENGAGEMENT goes beyond the classroom and produces an element of engagement you won’t find anywhere else! One thing remains constant: management strategies come and go, but it is TEAMS that move your organization forward. From just-for-fun relationship building events to organizational development or community service projects, your teams will benefit from a hands-on Team Engagement event.

Let YES and it’s partners build your team!

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Transportation | Staffing

From the moment your attendees step off the plane, the first impression of the destination begins. Let YES start it off right with a seamless transportation and staffing experience. Our partners expertise & experience are the components of a successful, worry-free transportation experience for your guests throughout their stay.

Let YES move your guests with ease!

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Event Management

Meetings can be a moving target. Let us help you create an unforgettable experience. From initial planning stages, as important as site selection to the final night gala, our meeting services are well planned and seamlessly executed to meet your objectives, while maximizing your budget to its fullest. The result will be an amazing event that your guests will never forget.

Hand over the planning stress to YES!

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Social Media | Marketing

Don’t Let Social Media and Marketing Stress You out! Our goal is to take the stress out of your online marketing plan so you can focus on your business at hand…YES launches various small businesses through fresh & current marketing and special event campaigns, maintaining & optimizing social media to propel the company message while keeping sales & visibility momentum within a targeted customer base.

Let YES take the Stress Out of Marketing Your Small Business.

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